Week in review: the good, bad and ambiguous

January 22, 2010 § 2 Comments

The Good

Cindy McCain is not a H8er: Cindy McCain poses for the NOH8 campaign for gay marriage, sending the message that marriage equality is not a partisan issue. Imagine- if only she went public on this while her husband, a Prop 8 supporter, was on the campaign trail. Still, props Cindy. [NoH8 Campaign]

Speaking Chinese increases in coolness: More schools around America are offering Chinese as a foreign language. Approximately 1,600 American public and private schools are teaching Chinese, up from ~300 a decade ago, and the numbers are growing exponentially. [NYT]

The Bad

Scott Brown in the nude: The man who replaces Ted Kennedy as senator of MA not only voted against providing federal assistance to Massachusetts 9-11 workers, but also posed nude for Play Girl.Tell me, what would the chances be for a woman who posed nude for Play Girl to win a Senate seat? View Brown in the nude at your own discretion. [San Francisco Chronicle]

Free $peech,$upreme Court $tyle: Yesterday in a 5-4 decision, the Court knocked down long-established laws that were put in place to control corporate influence over electoral politics. Wringing the first amendment dry of all meaning, the majority cited the right to free speech to justify corporations’ right to buy as many votes as their profit permits.

From free to fee: New York Times will likely move to charge its online readers [New York Magazine]; and HULU considers charging $5.00 per month subscription for access to older shows. [Engadget]

Bye-bye Air America: On Wednesday, Air America ceased its operation and filed for bankruptcy.

The Ambiguous

Michigan’s unemployment rate- it could be worse- Michigan’s unemployment rate declined slightly in December for the third straight month, moving from 14.7 in November to 14.6 in December. But economists don’t expect to the state to have a net increase in jobs until late 2011. [ABC]

Somalian pirates not all bad: In recent years, the presence of pirates near the coast of Somalia have the unintended effect of warding off illegal commercial trawlers that come to loot the oceans. That’s leaving local fishermen in Somalia and northern Kenya with outsize catches, and therefore, a higher income. Red snapper, barracuda and oranda have all reportedly returned in larger numbers. [TIME]

Google and China: Mixed feelings here. On the one hand, Google seems to be taking a hit for the sake of human rights. On the other hand, what tangible good does pulling out of China really do? Would any lives be saved by this (potential) maneuver? And for reasons entirely selfish, I am going to China this February, and I don’t know how to live even a day of my life without Google.

Facebook group says London’s olympic logo looks like Lisa Simpson giving head: When I first saw it, I thought it was just plain ugly. Now, I just don’t know what to think… [MySexProfessor]


§ 2 Responses to Week in review: the good, bad and ambiguous

  • Allison says:

    omg i love this post. Can you do this every week? I’m guilty of not keeping up with news as much as I would like.

    several comments
    The Good: I feel bad that i use to make fun of cindy mccain. What can I say- pale wash out look scares me. that photo doesnt help tho

    The bad: any recommendations for articles on supreme court article? omg Brown was in play girl??? Which I don’t think should really matter. Unfortunately it seems to matter if you are female, but not male apparently. You bring up a great point.

    The neutral:
    I am sorry for your loss of Google once you enter the motherland. I dont know what i would do without it. Omg how are we going to share pics? wedding plan stuff??? and i cant stalk you on the calendar 😦
    hehehe…that does look like Lisa simpson giving head- dont they watch the Simpsons in the UK?

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