Week in review

January 29, 2010 § 4 Comments

illustration by Valerie Parizeault

I wasn’t going to continue doing a week in review because I am unsure how useful it is; and I also realized that as a reader I never like reading these week-in-review type stuff. But because my sister Allison, who checks this blog regularly but checks more legit news sources irregularly, found it informative, here it is again.

I’ll start with the personal. The most incredible thing that happened to me this week did not really happen to me. I dreamed it. I had dreamed that I was the caretaker of one big beautiful Black Labrador, and then later struck an immediate connection with a beautiful abandoned Great Dane. And together, we had great fun. I taught them tricks, we went running on the beach… And then I woke up to reality, where I have no dogs. My waking life is hardly as exciting, so moving on…


V magazine

  1. Beauty in diversity: In its latest issue, high-fashion magazine, V, displays beauty through body size diversity. The photo spread is elegant and smoking hot.  [Jezebel]
  2. Hope for Haiti telethon raised over 61 million dollars [Reuters]
  3. iPad sounds funny: Apple makes it easy for comedians to make fun. [MadTV skit]
  4. The Michigan Independent: My college newspaper launches a new website. It’s pretty.


  1. Another reason to boycott Whole Foods: Whole Foods CEO John Mackey already earned a reputation as an asshole when he said that health care is not a universal right. Now, he pulls another asshole move. Mackey launched a program to give Whole Foods employee higher discounts if they weigh less. Employees with lower BMIs (Body Mass Index) get steeper discounts. [Jezebel]
  2. Teen pregnancy rises for the first time in a decade: Teen pregnancy rate rose 3 percent in 2006, reflecting a 4 percent increase in teen pregnancy and a 1 percent increase in abortion. The rise is attributed to the increased funding for abstinence-only “education” from the Bush administration. [Campus Progress]
  3. FOX news, the most trusted name in TV news?!: Yep, that’s according to a recent poll by Public Policy Poling (D). [TPM]
  4. New report suggests government cover-up of torture in Guantanamo: In 2006, the government declared the cause of death for three Guantanamo detainees to be suicide. But a recent report by Harper’s casts doubt on the suicides. Harper’s reports that the deaths of the detainees, or the events that led directly to their deaths, occurred at an undisclosed facility a mile or so from the main prison complex.  Remember a year ago when Obama promised to close Guantanamo ASAP? What happened to that? [AP]

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