Happy Lunar New Year/ Black History Month/ Valentine’s Day!

February 14, 2010 § 5 Comments

Whew! It’s been a whirlwind. First let me wish you a happy lunar new year and sweet and spicy Valentine’s Day! 祝你 新年快樂,課 課 拿 “A”, 辣味情人節! Lots of things happened to (fortuitously) fall on this month. The lunar new year and Valentine’s Day converges on the same day. It’s Black History Month. A dear friend of mine got into the graduate program of her choice. February 19th is the day I make the journey to the motherland (Shanghai, China). With so many reasons to share meals and conversations with loved ones, its been a crazy–crazy beautiful–month.

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What doppleganger week means to a person of color

February 13, 2010 § 4 Comments

Are you my celebrity look alike?


Facebook’s Doppleganger week is over. And I missed it. I knew it was going on. I caught on as my friends posted their celebrity look alikes, and was amused and enlightened to discover that I have friends that look like Natalie Portman, Ashley Simpson and Sara Ramirez.

I missed out on it, not because I didn’t get the memo, but because I could not come up with a good celebrity doppelganger. Probably because I am an Asian American woman, the first celebrity contestants that I thought of, I admit, were, Disney’s Mulan, Lucy Liu, Trini the yellow ranger (from Power Rangers, is that still on?), and Zhang Zhiyi. But I don’t look like any of them.

So, I continued, thinking about all the other possibilities, which did not take long because there weren’t all that many other possibilities. Given, my mind was limiting myself to not only Asian female celebrities, but only the few that I have seen and heard of.

Then I felt this familiar feeling of exclusion and difference that stems from my allbeit un-traumatizing but still poignant experiences of growing up as an Asian American girl in the whitest city per capita in the country. (Livonia, Michigan if you are wondering.)

I was hesitant in writing this post because I don’t want to turn the fact that I don’t look like celeb into a race issue. I can already hear the accusations coming at me. Pulling out the race card to explain why you don’t look like a hot celeb, are you? How convenient!
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A woman’s response to Dodge Charger’s modern oppressed man ad

February 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

Dodge aired the following ad on Superbowl Sunday for all the men oppressed and emasculated by the demands of modern heterosexual relationships:

What if Dodge made ads for oppressed women? [For more information and commentary, see The Sexist]

Week in review

February 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

Week in review, a day late. Excuse the tardiness (and the unequal number of good and bads), I had a funky week.


  1. Attitude change: : In a telling position reversal, Colin Powell, who originally persuaded the Clinton administration to adopt Don’t ask Don’t Tell (DADT) 17 years ago, advocates for its repeal. (But the bad news- DADT’s repeal is not  going to happen soon so long as Congress stalls.) [MSNBC]

    Poster for upcoming Bollywood film "Dunno Y". Sensuous, no?

  2. Rethinking Bollywood: First mainstream Indian cinema to feature a romance between two gay men is planned for release this May. [BBC]
  3. 45 million voices: A fellow friend and women’s rights activist launches a new project. 45 million voices aims to eradicate the stigma and silence surrounding abortion by collecting and publishing the stories of women who have experienced an abortion. Check it.
  4. 7-year old Londoner bikes for Haiti and raises over $240,000 doing it. [AIPMM]
  5. More blue whales: Scientists find that the Blue Whale is singing a different song. They’ve noticed that in recent years the whales are communicating in a progressively lower pitch. Now, their pitch is 30 percent lower than what  it was during the 1960s. What accounts for this change? The ban on whale hunting has relatively increased their numbers. Scientists believe that when there were fewer Blue Whales, they had to communicate in a higher frequency in order to be heard by other whales. Now, with more of them around, they no longer have to shout to be heard. [NPR]

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Found from Project Photo Restoration

February 5, 2010 § 3 Comments

My sisters and I are embarking on a new project. We are  gathering our old, scattered, dusty family photos, organizing them, archiving them digitally,  and restoring damaged and worn photos if possible. The parents didn’t take many photos of us as kids, making the existing ones all the more valuable. Meanwhile, we are making more of a concerted effort to document the present through photography and writing. Throughout this process, I will post some of my favorite findings here, starting with this one:

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Abstinence-only proponents misread scientific study to their favor

February 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

For the very first time, a review of an abstinence-only program shows that the program was effective in delaying sexual intercourse among its participants. The study, published in the current issue of the Archive of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, stands as the only existing scientific evidence that shows that an abstinence-only program was effective.Excited that science may for once be on their side, some opponents of comprehensive sex-ed are heralding this recent study as proof that the abstinence-only message not only works, but works better than comprehensive programs. But such claims grossly misinterpret the study. Abstinence-only proponents are choosing to see what they want to see, and manipulating the facts to back up their political agenda.

As it deals with the topic of sex-ed– an extremely controversial issue in this nation–the study is highly susceptible to being misconstrued, apparently even by the mainstream media. The Washington Post published the misleading headline “Abstinence-only education programs might work, study finds”; The New York Times writes “Abstinence-only education is found to delay sex”; and The Christian Science Monitor remarks “it is the most comprehensive study…to bolster an abstinence-only approach to reducing teen pregnancy”. As misinformation circulates around this recent study, here is what you need to know:

1. The “abstinence-only” program under review was more comprehensive than traditional abstinence-only curricula.
The program under review was actually more comprehensive than rigid abstinence-only curriculum. Instead of promoting an abstinence before marriage message, the program encouraged abstinence from sex until one feels ready, which is a very different message than the former. Because of that, the program does not actually meet the federal criteria of being an abstinence-only program.

That this particular program was found to be effective in delaying young teens from having sex and other more rigid abstinence-only have consistently been found to be ineffective may be due to the fact that the program under review is more comprehensive than traditional abstinence-only programs. The program was not infused with morality, was medically accurate, discussed condom use, and did not disparage contraception.
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