Week in review

February 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

Week in review, a day late. Excuse the tardiness (and the unequal number of good and bads), I had a funky week.


  1. Attitude change: : In a telling position reversal, Colin Powell, who originally persuaded the Clinton administration to adopt Don’t ask Don’t Tell (DADT) 17 years ago, advocates for its repeal. (But the bad news- DADT’s repeal is not  going to happen soon so long as Congress stalls.) [MSNBC]

    Poster for upcoming Bollywood film "Dunno Y". Sensuous, no?

  2. Rethinking Bollywood: First mainstream Indian cinema to feature a romance between two gay men is planned for release this May. [BBC]
  3. 45 million voices: A fellow friend and women’s rights activist launches a new project. 45 million voices aims to eradicate the stigma and silence surrounding abortion by collecting and publishing the stories of women who have experienced an abortion. Check it.
  4. 7-year old Londoner bikes for Haiti and raises over $240,000 doing it. [AIPMM]
  5. More blue whales: Scientists find that the Blue Whale is singing a different song. They’ve noticed that in recent years the whales are communicating in a progressively lower pitch. Now, their pitch is 30 percent lower than what  it was during the 1960s. What accounts for this change? The ban on whale hunting has relatively increased their numbers. Scientists believe that when there were fewer Blue Whales, they had to communicate in a higher frequency in order to be heard by other whales. Now, with more of them around, they no longer have to shout to be heard. [NPR]


  1. Anti-choice ad airs this Superbowl Sunday- CBS approves anti-abortion ad [The Daily Beast], but rejects ad from gay dating cite. [Mother Jones]
  2. Transgender, hermaphrodite…its all the same to Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA)-  During an interview with NPR, Rep. Hunter made his case for keeping Don’t Ask Don’t Tell in place, except he didn’t make sense. Not only does he think that being transgender and being a hermaphrodite is the same thing, but he rambles on about how the military cannot let everybodythe “whole gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender community”–in. (The military already does; and he just insulted countless TLBG servicepersons who made mad sacrifices for the sake of our nation and all of its citizens, including ignorant, ingrateful ones like him.) [Campus Progress]
  3. Tea Party Inaugural Convention took place this weekend, an overt indication that this extreme right-wing populist movement that began spontaneous, leaderless and unorganized is attempting to unify and impact elections. Sarah Palin 2012? Nah, but still, this emerging third party is angry and hungry for attention. The convention opened with ex-congressman and anti-immigrant Tom Tancredo, who in his opening speech called Obama a socialist ideologue; and attributed his presidency to the fact that we don’t have literacy and civics test as a prerequisite for voting…   And according to the NYT, one of the convention speakers insisted that Jesus’s birth is better documented than Obama’s. And Sarah Palin was the much anticipated honorary speaker.

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