Snapshots from Xi Tang

March 24, 2010 § 3 Comments

I took a day trip to Xi Tang, a water town south of the Yangtze River. Nine river converges in Xi Tang, dividing the town into eight sections.The town is connected by over one hundred bridges built during the Ming and Qing Dynasty. Xi Tang is a historic cultural preserve. According to UNESCO,”The road and water system, ally and lane layout, architectural style, building materials and techniques…all appear exactly the same as their original state…thus possessing great historical authenticity.”

Travel blogs and websites boasts of the town’s tranquility. Tranquil is how I would describe the architecture and landscape, but I went on a Saturday, and the place was bustling with tourists from different parts of China. (The shooting of Mission Impossible 3 in Xi Tang probably played a role in popularizing the town.)  But no matter, I was not going in search for a peace of mind anyway.

There are many small eateries and food stands in Xi Tang. You can find all sorts of zong zis in different shapes and sizes. I can’t give you an assessment of the food there. I was hoping to eat and sample more, but after discovering a dead bug in one my lunch dishes, my appetite waned. I did try the local bai si fish, pork zong zi, and cabbage hearts. I also ate stinky tofu for the first time there, though you can find stinky tofu all over China. You know, I always thought it would be stinkier…

Anyway, I wanted to share some of my photos with you. I hope you enjoy!

Intense eaters at 老地方饭馆 "Old Place Restaurant"

Red lantern

White-wash walls, black tile rooftops--characteristics of the buildings in Xi TangFish pond at "Drunken Garden", the sign reads "Fish Happiness"

Drying laundry, an everyday sight both in Xi Tang and Shanghai

HuGuo Grain Buddhist Temple

Shanghai's city flower


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§ 3 Responses to Snapshots from Xi Tang

  • Rachel says:

    Kim, these photos are gorgeous! Thanks for the birthday wishes (via Alex)! I hope everything is going well for you.

    p.s. I got the money to go to Bhopal, India, so we’ll be several thousand miles closer this summer 🙂

  • Lee Ann says:

    Hey babe, enjoyed viewing the photos… and hehe, funny how there’s a bug in your dish… no worries, as my family always says (in Cantonese) “Big Germs eat little germs =D” It all goes in your belly anyway…teeheehee… on another note, I’ll be in HK from 4/10-4/30… not going anywhere else so if you wanna take a short weekend or long trip to HK, lemme know and I can take you around for sure! Enjoy your time in China!

  • Kim C says:

    Great pictures Kimmy! Hope you’re having a good time in China so far!

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