Snapshots from Xi’ an

May 14, 2010 § 2 Comments

I had a week off for Qing Ming festival, and spent it in Xi’ an, otherwise known as the home of the Terra-cotta warriors. Because I can have anti-social tendencies, I did not go with anyone that I know. The intention being that I could use some quiet alone time to do some writing and soul searching. Instead, on the train, I just so luckily happened to bunk with three very rowdy girls who liked to talk about boys and shopping. And lets be real, I am so not above talking about boys and shopping. So much for the writing and soul searching. I spent the week exploring Xi’ an, and getting to know three very dynamic individuals. Here are some photos from the trip. Hope you enjoy!

Creepy or artistic? Originally created by local artists for the Beijing olymics, they are now housed at the Terra-cotta Museum. The project was financed by Johnson & Johnson, who is also a patron of the museum.

Hua Qing Springs, famous for being the bathing spot of Yang Guifei, one of the four great beauties of ancient China, and the favorite concubine of Emperor Tang Xuanzong of the Tang dynasty.

Julie at Hua Qing Springs

Truthiness Alert: This diorama of pumpkins and potatoes were taken at the Yen' an Revolution Memorial Museum, and intended to show how China was a land of plenty even during the Cultural Revolution. Yen' an--a 5 hour bus ride from Xi' an--was the final

Anna at Mao's former residence in Yen'an

Tour guide at Yen'an. Sang a traditional Shaanxi song for us, and then proceeded to sing a Liu DeHua pop tune.

Billboard at Yen'an

Taken at Ba Xi'an Monastery


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§ 2 Responses to Snapshots from Xi’ an

  • Robert says:

    The little girl with the warrior is creepy, but mostly because the girl looks like she is about to suck out my soul. The rest seems like it was really cool though. Keep on enjoying yourself in China!

  • Julie says:

    Aaaaaaah that’s me there!! That trip was so much fun. Remember the four seat rickshaw to go and see the water show at the pagoda in Xi’an?? Memories ❤

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