What doppleganger week means to a person of color

February 13, 2010 § 4 Comments

Are you my celebrity look alike?


Facebook’s Doppleganger week is over. And I missed it. I knew it was going on. I caught on as my friends posted their celebrity look alikes, and was amused and enlightened to discover that I have friends that look like Natalie Portman, Ashley Simpson and Sara Ramirez.

I missed out on it, not because I didn’t get the memo, but because I could not come up with a good celebrity doppelganger. Probably because I am an Asian American woman, the first celebrity contestants that I thought of, I admit, were, Disney’s Mulan, Lucy Liu, Trini the yellow ranger (from Power Rangers, is that still on?), and Zhang Zhiyi. But I don’t look like any of them.

So, I continued, thinking about all the other possibilities, which did not take long because there weren’t all that many other possibilities. Given, my mind was limiting myself to not only Asian female celebrities, but only the few that I have seen and heard of.

Then I felt this familiar feeling of exclusion and difference that stems from my allbeit un-traumatizing but still poignant experiences of growing up as an Asian American girl in the whitest city per capita in the country. (Livonia, Michigan if you are wondering.)

I was hesitant in writing this post because I don’t want to turn the fact that I don’t look like celeb into a race issue. I can already hear the accusations coming at me. Pulling out the race card to explain why you don’t look like a hot celeb, are you? How convenient!
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