Sexual assault on campus: the University of Michigan is no exception

December 6, 2009 § Leave a comment

This month the Center for Public Integrity released their investigative report on what Ann from Feministing describes as the “dizzying amount of utter bullshit faced by survivors of sexual assault on college campuses”.

The report titled Sexual Assault on Campus: A Frustrating Search for Justice shows that colleges and universities across the nation—religious, private, public, liberal or conservative—all, in practice, demonstrate a pathetic level of commitment to the safety of their students, and to justice for survivors of sexual assault.

The report confirms a previously found statistic that 95 percent of college women who  experience sexual assault do not report to campus police or officials. The report brings greater transparency to the convoluted and re-victimizing processes that survivors of sexual assault go through when trying to seek justice in the status quo.

Here is where the University of Michigan is not an exception. Sexual assault is not only a social problem, but also an institutional one. Michigan students: please take part in strengthening U of M’s policy and, thus, ability to give survivors a fairer chance at receiving a just verdict.

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