Found from Project Photo Restoration

February 5, 2010 § 3 Comments

My sisters and I are embarking on a new project. We are  gathering our old, scattered, dusty family photos, organizing them, archiving them digitally,  and restoring damaged and worn photos if possible. The parents didn’t take many photos of us as kids, making the existing ones all the more valuable. Meanwhile, we are making more of a concerted effort to document the present through photography and writing. Throughout this process, I will post some of my favorite findings here, starting with this one:

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As American as Chinese take-out

November 6, 2009 § 4 Comments

golden bowl

Photo courtesy of Allie Hinman

My buddy Robby’s birthday is coming up, and the least I can do is give him a free meal pass to the Golden Bowl Chop Suey, my family’s restaurant. He has mentioned interest in going for years. But I can be pretty flaky when it comes to making and sticking to plans, so I still have yet to treat him to a Golden Bowl experience. For one thing, it can be out of the way. Forty minutes is quite a commute just to get some Chinese take-out (considering that Panda Express is two minutes away). Sometimes friends would assume that my family’s restaurant is located in Downtown Detroit–perhaps a nice place to get dinner bef0re a show at the Fox, or lunch before an afternoon at the  DIA. But we are located in the part of Detroit that is cut-out from the maps. Some people would call the area a wasteland; some people refer to it as the “bad parts”, the ghetto.

What I’m trying to say is most places, especially Detroit, cannot be appreciated without context. So although friends may expect that a trip to the Golden Bowl would be quaint or light-hearted fun, without context, it comes to nothing more than a 40-minute car ride just to spend a total of 15 minutes placing and waiting for your order in a cramped lobby with green folding chairs and two random lawn chairs lining the walls, and blown-up menus (with some infrequent spelling errors). Its Chinese take-out in Detroit, you go in and get out.  …But that depends a whole  lot on who you talk to because to our loyal customers, neighbors, to my mother, my father, the Golden Bowl can mean many different things.

A former professor of mine (who happens to be one of two Republicans I not just tolerate but like) gave an interesting first assignment to our class (Political Campaigning 423).  Before talking political strategy, he wanted us to tell him (in 600 words or less) what we believe in. He said matter-of-factly, if you don’t know what you believe in, what are you doing in politics? Good point. Well lucky for me, I believe in something. The following piece is what I turned in, and I hope that it provides a little bit more context to the Golden Bowl for those that are interested.

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